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PINCH OF MOM- If the virus doesn’t kill me, box wine will.

Girl Talk | 05/05/2020

If the virus doesn’t kill me, Co-op box wine will. that was the line I typed, half way through the first week of lockdown with a not quite yet 9 month old. Back when Zoom calls were still a novelty and I had to keep reminding myself that it wasn’t just a bit of a …keep reading

Paws Cat Cafe Shrewsbury

On Monday My man friend asked me if I was free on Friday. Of course I was free on Friday, I’m 4.5 months pregnant, can’t trust myself to go to a cocktail bar without wanting to consume all the margaritas, rarely want to do anything other than sleep and have had very little work on …keep reading


Girl Talk | 02/01/2019

Hearing your soon to be child’s heartbeat for the first time is a strange and alien like feeling. I’d already told myself I wasn’t going to cry, freak out or book myself in for one of those gross 4D scans that people should really be banned from sharing on social media… (actually that’s a bit …keep reading


Film | 30/12/2018

New Years Eve – full of highs, lows, peaking to soon and ultimately same year, same shit disappointment. Better or worse with family? You decide. Happy New Year Colin Burstead attempts to encompass all of this whilst indulging you with motion sickness inducing cinematography in Ben Wheatley’s latest offering. Or at least that’s how I …keep reading


Film | 20/12/2018

Practically perfect in every way… Mary Poppins is a family classic and ode to childhood for many. Director Rob Marshall said it was the first film he’d ever seen in the cinema, actor Ben Wishaw (Michael Banks) claims it to be the film that made him want to act and even Mr. Dick Van Dyke …keep reading

Let’s Sort This Shizz Out #2 The Prada Poop

Girl Talk | 15/08/2017

They say there is nothing that holds more mystery than a woman’s handbag. Mine’s less mysterious, more gross in fact I’d go as far to say I wouldn’t recommend going into mine in fear of having your hand bitten off by a mouldy sandwich (it’s been known) My nan’s being going on at me for …keep reading

Sorting This Shizz Out #1 The Pool of Pee

Girl Talk | 14/08/2017

If there was ever a talent I never thought I’d be so grateful for it’s this- I CAN POO ANYWHERE! Not necessarily by choice but over the past year I’ve managed to drop the chocs everywhere from a rancid blocked train toilet to the five star rest rooms of Claridges mid press conference. With the …keep reading

Love, loss and the glamourous realisation that you will be geriatric Mother…

Girl Talk | 13/07/2017

There’s no denying that your body getting older is pretty pants. I’m not talking the difference between being 16 and stick thin to being 35 with crows feet but that middle stage in the twenties when you wake up one morning and suddenly realise crap, my hangovers are a thousand times worse than they used …keep reading


Film | 16/02/2017

First off, let me tell you a secret – I did not see the original. Yes, yes… I am that horribly irritating person who asks ‘so… quick one… who’s he and what’s he done?’ DURING the movie – I’m sorry! Apparently it’s a cult classic. Who knew, right? (Everyone did) Now that minor confession is …keep reading

Review: Planetarium

Film | 09/11/2016

Pretty and pleasing, Rebecca Zlotowski’s supernatural period piece Planetarium is a stunning spectacle for the senses. One thing to say about Zlotowski’s film is that it’s pretty, oh so very pretty.  It takes two stunning actresses – Natalie Portman and Lily-Rose Depp – throws them in 1930’s France, costumes them beautifully, splits the dialogue between French …keep reading