All about that base – bridging the foundation gap..

A good foundation is about as essential as a good bra under a timeless dress. Without the right base all the fancy stuff just slides off and looks out of place. But what’s the make up item I waste the most money on? FOUNDATION-  like  dating I have lots of it, struggle to be happy without it but never find the right match to stay for long.

My  current foundation collection looks a bit like this…

photo (4)

But across the board I have tried pretty much every foundation on the market from Armani to Miss Sporty and I’m still none the wiser. Because our skin is constantly changing and the stuff that made me look a pretty peach at 20 clumped in places I didn’t know I had by 24 and vice versa. So where do you start?

I consider foundation an investment- I spent the entirety of high school spot free and devoid of liquid make up just a simple pressed powder which I barely needed. My mother worked on the Make-Up counters and for my prom she painted my face with a now discontinued YSL beauty. That was my first experience of foundation, I felt flawless, I felt utter perfection.  I didn’t realize that from my first taste I was spoiled, like giving a baby caviar and sadly the collection 2000 brand I bought with my Dolcis Shoes pay packet when the YSL ran out didn’t quite reach the dizzy heights of french beauty house glamour.

However I have remained realistic and I certainly cant afford a new designer bottle a month so for the past decade have made it my mission to bridge the gap between the two. Many beauty brands bost that they use the same technologies as the more expensive chains but do these claims wash?

I like most women crave that ‘dewy’ sun kissed, flawless look but half the time I chuck on a product that promises to do just that I end up looking like an oil slick…

I would always say before you make an investment get a sample. Estee Lauder have an expert matching service but their ‘Double Wear’ – a top selling foundation drys my skin out so before you part with your pennies it’s always best to do a trial. I learnt this the hard way – the latest YSL foundation which claims to use ‘NASA’ technology didn’t work for me as the lady in the shop matched me up too dark and when going back to purchase my favorite Touch Eclat foundation formula they again sold me a bottle too dark so I now have to mix it with a lighter brand for a desired effect. Not exactly ideal if like me you get a lot of trains so don’t want to be carrying around enough paint to rival Pablo Picasso…

So having made my errors over the years and worked my stint on the beauty counter myself – here are my picks for any budget.


Feeling flash


Armani Silk : Posh Spice’s favorite, goes on slick and easy, long lasting gives a dewy finish- easy to re-apply if you want a fuller coverage as the day goes on without looking like you’ve caked it on with a trowel. This was my war paint of choice as a student and the bottle also tends to last about 4-6 months so will give good service to even the biggest party animal.£36.50

YSL Touch Eclat: Similar to the above and good for the times of the month when your skin is tired and thirsty- has a nice photo finish so perfect for Snapchat addicts,  just make sure you pick a shade that suits.  £31.50

Benefit Oxygen: In my opinion the easiest foundation on the market, no matter your skincare needs it glides on, sits well and is a good shout for foundation virgins as its hard to go wrong- not matter what shade you go for it seems to adapt well to the skin so the chances of lines are minimal. This was my go to bottle when I was working in the city- fixed my face during hangovers, client meetings, long days and longer nights- definitely a a good investment at £26.50

Estee Lauder Double Wear: As I stated previously this doesn’t work amazingly for my skin type as my skin is normal-dry so sometimes I find it sucks the moisture. However I have a lot of friends, particulary those whose skin verges on normal to oily who swear by it. Good coverage, long lasting wear and enough shades to find a near perfect match. Lauder also make a ‘Double Wear Light’ which I find to be more suitable for skin tones like mine. £29.50 (same price for double wear light)


Middle of the road wonders

10146643Number 7 Stay Perfect: This is my Nanna’s favorite and for a broad of 70 her skin is pretty lush. It’s waterproof , long lasting and easy to apply, again if you have skin like me make sure to moisturizer before to avoid it getting chalky. £14.50

 Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum: Rumor has it that this magic bottle contains the same formula used by Chanel…having used the latter I would agree there are similarities. It glides on easy, give a radiant glow and smells divine- If it had a gold top there is no way I would sniff it out from premium brands. £10.99

MaxFactor Facefinity All Day Flawless: Foundation, primer and concealer all in one- I LOVE this foundation but tend to use it up quite quickly so go sparingly ladies! £8.99


It’s the week before payday, I’m skint and have run out of face HELP!!!


Marks and Spencers Limited Collection: This is not just foundation, this is an M&S life saving foundation….I’m not going to lie it’s not the Ritz of skin care but it goes on oh so nicely, stays put and could well be your knight in shining Ivory. £6.00

Rimmel Lasting Finish: This beast boasts 25 hours wear and I would say it is the next best thing to  Lauder’s Double Wear – it stays and gives good coverage but make sure you apply with plenty of moisturizer so it glides on. Also however tempting do not reapply withing ten hours as it really will cake – it stays that well!  £5.99

Seventeen Photo Flawless: This was developed for teens who are addicted to Instagram so quite frankly it works for us, creamy, slick and sexy.  Although it says 24hours wear you may feel the need to reapply but at the price its hardly a hardship. £6.49

Miss Sporty Perfect Stay So Matte Foundation: If you’re really scraping the barrel there are lifelines there before you fall into the realms of natural collection (please never go there you’d do better for your skin by spending the £1.99 on water). This no frills beauty will solve all your woes. While it’s not super long lasting I found it to blend nicely and make my skin feel baby soft – certainly a nice light look teamed with a lick of blusher. £3,49

Remember if you visit a beauty counter don’t feel pressured to buy, it their job to advise and their job to sell but they are obliged and heavily encouraged to give you a sample to find you perfect match- take advantage of this to make an informed decision and feel empowered rather than intimidated.

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