Arrival- UK Premiere & Press Conference

Aliens exist, they’re here, they’ve landed and their intentions are unclear.

There have been countless attempts at alien movies over the years – good, bad and ugly. Upon first impression it was unclear as to which way director Denis Villeneuve’s Arrival was going to go – a modern Close Encounters of the Third Kind or a Knowing/Signs based car crash.

But unlike other Sci Fi and apocalyptic movies, this one doesn’t rely on fast action sequences or Hollywood special effects. What you immediately get from Arrival is a sense of calm from the outset. With soft visuals and intimate sound, this film is very much about language, not only in its subject matter but in its delivery – and that’s what plays to its strengths….

Having caught Arrival at this year’s Venice film festival back in the Summer and quizzed the lovely Amy Adams on her current roles, in the same week as the press conference for Tom Ford’s Nocturnal Animals, by the time both films came back to back once more to the London Film festival I was beginning to think the poor woman suspected me of following her, but never the less on a cold and windy Monday in Leicester square, the red headed beauty stopped by for a quick chat to let us know just what it was about this beautiful script that captivated her…




One thing to take away from Arrival is seeing the Enchanted star move away from roles which centre around vanity and watch her shine in a  charming and complex female lead, bringing a great deal of sensitivity and realness to the role.

With this I was itching to ask what it was like to take on a role of this calibre and so in an attempt not to look like her blogger stalker of the month, I posed the question at it’s UK press conference…

The role of Louise is an incredibly strong part for any woman and you do it so well,

What challenges did you face when approaching the part and what did you enjoy most about playing this woman?

 ‘Oh there are so many things I enjoyed, one of the things was, I mean it’s so base but it was really just okay, rolling out of bed and going to work you know what I mean there were times where Deni really was like less, less, less and it was really freeing. I’ve played rolls where I’ve sort of lost my vanity before but this one felt different because she was so intelligent and I imagine this is a woman without vanity and that was hugely freeing to me, a lot of my characters have this innate vanity which we all have in us as humans but she really didn’t and that was very refreshing to just play a character with no vanity.’

Press Conference in full courtesy of ‘Into Film’ -For those wanting to listen to my dulcet wulfrunian tones- question asked at 11:15


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Arrival hits UK cinemas Thursday 9th November – read full review