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Paws Cat Cafe Shrewsbury

On Monday My man friend asked me if I was free on Friday. Of course I was free on Friday, I’m 4.5 months pregnant, can’t trust myself to go to a cocktail bar without wanting to consume all the margaritas, rarely want to do anything other than sleep and have had very little work on …keep reading

London Film Festival – Brooklyn Premiere

Written by one of our screenplay heroes,  Nick Hornby, Brooklyn is a visually stunning film and touching story about a young Irish girl named Eilis (Saoirse Ronan) as she emigrates from Ireland to make her new home in the states. At its London Film Festival premiere the stars stepped out to chat to us about their new …keep reading

Review: Afternoon Tea @ Hotel LaTour

You can’t get more quintessentially British than a traditional afternoon tea on a summer’s afternoon. In recent years with the rise of all things retro , ‘high tea’ is more fashionable than ever with everywhere from hotels to corner side coffee shops offering their take on cake based luxury. Never one to say no to …keep reading

Find Me In The Boutique: The Battle Of The Beauty Counters.

I like a lot of women am fairly astute with my make-up choices I know what I like, what I don’t like, what my skin can take and what leaves me looking like a drag queen. But with so many products on the market I don’t have the time and budget to go trying everything …keep reading

Review: The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

Apples and Pears, Film | 24/02/2015

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel was a rare gem in itself. A golden year’s ensemble of British thespians lead by the two dames with a script both hilarious and moving. So would the Second be able to live up to the first instalment of good old English delight? The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel brings …keep reading

A Lad In Tights – Adult Panto ooh er!

Apples and Pears, Theatre | 17/12/2014

It’s that time of year again- panto season, where girls and boys from across the land are treated to favourite fairytales, pantomime dames – ready to shout ‘he’s behind you!’ But this novelty isn’t for everyone especially those over the legal drinking age – so what happens when someone comes up with the concept of …keep reading

London Film Festival – Review: The Imitation Game

Apples and Pears, Film | 08/10/2014

‘Some times it is the people that no one imagine anything of that do the things no one can imagine‘- And so it turns out the first computer was invented by a gay man and christened Christopher….Not the first thing that springs to mind when we evaluate how we won the Second World War. However …keep reading

London Film Festival:Fragments of London at the LFF- Bypass & Nightbus

Apples and Pears, Film | 05/10/2014

There really is no place like London but beneath the hustle, bustle and tourist attractions lies a grittier underworld.  The tough graft of inner city council estates and the epically enlightening night bus treks every Londoner is familiar with rarely grace our screens; however at the London Film Festival I caught two films which provide …keep reading

The Blues Kitchen Set To Rock Around The Clock

Apples and Pears | 23/09/2014

We’ve all been there, a night of top quality live music, good company, few beers ending in food based delights in the early hours of the morning, jamming till the sun comes up. But imagine if it didn’t stop, imagine 48 hours of back to back live music, a 24 hour booze licence and sticky …keep reading

‘See you at the drive in’ – bringing back Saturday night at the movies with an 80’s spin….

Apples and Pears, Film | 23/09/2014

There’s nothing we love more than a trip to the cinema, watching a movie on the big screen, the scent of the pop corn as you step on the escalators, the excitement of new film trailers for the first time… as a late 80’s baby, early 90’s trips to the cinema to see the likes …keep reading