Memoirs of a gin bunny


Girl Talk | 02/01/2019

Hearing your soon to be child’s heartbeat for the first time is a strange and alien like feeling. I’d already told myself I wasn’t going to cry, freak out or book myself in for one of those gross 4D scans that people should really be banned from sharing on social media… (actually that’s a bit …keep reading

Let’s Sort This Shizz Out #2 The Prada Poop

Girl Talk | 15/08/2017

They say there is nothing that holds more mystery than a woman’s handbag. Mine’s less mysterious, more gross in fact I’d go as far to say I wouldn’t recommend going into mine in fear of having your hand bitten off by a mouldy sandwich (it’s been known) My nan’s being going on at me for …keep reading

Sorting This Shizz Out #1 The Pool of Pee

Girl Talk | 14/08/2017

If there was ever a talent I never thought I’d be so grateful for it’s this- I CAN POO ANYWHERE! Not necessarily by choice but over the past year I’ve managed to drop the chocs everywhere from a rancid blocked train toilet to the five star rest rooms of Claridges mid press conference. With the …keep reading

Love, loss and the glamourous realisation that you will be geriatric Mother…

Girl Talk | 13/07/2017

There’s no denying that your body getting older is pretty pants. I’m not talking the difference between being 16 and stick thin to being 35 with crows feet but that middle stage in the twenties when you wake up one morning and suddenly realise crap, my hangovers are a thousand times worse than they used …keep reading

‘Can tears turn to gin?’ The 20 early stages of every break up…

Girl Talk | 04/05/2016

We’ve all been there, whether it was your decision or not the stages of the breakup, breakover or in between stage of doom can be both painful, comical and edging on borderline crazy for all…. * The Initial pin in the balloon It’s happened, it’s shit. It might have come from nowhere, it might have been …keep reading

One to watch: Rooney Mara

Film, Girl Talk, Uncategorized | 24/11/2015

So if this winter’s hot list is anything to go by, your standard chick flicks are out and a very new female heroine is in. As we swiftly approach the UK release of Todd Haynes’ Carol, everyone is familiar with the gorgeously velvety toned  and seductively sharp Cate Blanchett, but who is this fresh new …keep reading

‘She’s Electric’ How technology ruined sex for Generation X….

Girl Talk | 07/07/2015

Sex, that illusive three letter word that everyone’s talking about it – or not. How did people go about ‘doing it’ back in the day, did they learn from cave drawings or go on gut animal instinct? In the modern world there is so much out there to teach even the biggest wall flower the …keep reading

Toxic waste in the wine glass: Are you a victim of friendship wars?

Girl Talk | 30/05/2015

If Mean Girls taught us anything it’s that the ‘girl world’ is a fickle and complex place. When blokes have a problem with each other it ends with a punch up and the shaking of hands, with girls it can turn to full scale false faced gang warfare. But what happens when the jellyfish stings …keep reading

Juice Plus- Fact vs fiction from Birmingham’s biggest diet craze.

Girl Talk, Glamour Puss | 25/03/2015

Have you seen the sudden craze of girls getting out there, getting healthy and trying to get you involved too? So had I and being a sarcastic cynic I didn’t know what to make of it…but I knew I was jealous of the slender silhouettes I was seeing on my morning newsfeed so I got …keep reading

All about that base – bridging the foundation gap..

A good foundation is about as essential as a good bra under a timeless dress. Without the right base all the fancy stuff just slides off and looks out of place. But what’s the make up item I waste the most money on? FOUNDATION-  like  dating I have lots of it, struggle to be happy …keep reading