Face Fit For A Princess:M.A.C Enchants Us With Cinderella

Next Friday, the classic fairytale that captured the hearts of generations hits the big screen in dramatized form.  Forget the animated mice and and plastic prince smiles of your childhood- this magical real action offering has ‘bippidy bobbity boo ya!’ -Quite frankly we can’t wait. With the delectable cast line up of Lily James, Richard Madden, Cate Blanchett and Helena Bohnam- Carter, alongside the directorial treat of Kenneth Branagh; enchanted dreams are soon to come true!

And what makes this more exciting you say? Well move aside the Disney shop merchandise that we’re just that little too tall for – The fairy godmothers at M.A.C have developed an exclusive Cinderella themed make-up range for grown up princesses to unleash their inner enchantress.


M.A.C are no strangers to limited edition Disney themed collections but what makes this one so magical is that in comparison to the ‘villains’ range- this one is just so wearable. From the ‘glass slipper’ lip gloss to the ‘stroke of midnight’ eye shadow  M.A.C have developed a collection fit for a princess with looks that will keep you going from the morning chores to the stroke of midnight and beyond.  Prices start from £16 for studio fix lash and are selling out online already so get yourself to your nearest counter and let the enchantresses do their work!

Can’t wait until March 27th to don your glass slippers? Check out the official trailer below and prepare to be dazzled….