Find Me In The Boutique: The Battle Of The Beauty Counters.

I like a lot of women am fairly astute with my make-up choices I know what I like, what I don’t like, what my skin can take and what leaves me looking like a drag queen. But with so many products on the market I don’t have the time and budget to go trying everything so sometimes it’s nice to have a little bit of help from someone in the know. Having your make-up done can be one of the most therapeutic things out and there is nothing like sampling the delights of half a beauty counter, but a lot of girls can feel put off by them, often down to the pressure to buy and being talked into purchasing something that looks great at the time but when you get home makes you feel  like Barbie on crack…. pink eyeliner and jungle red lips? What was I thinking? There are very few of us who haven’t been duped by the beauty counter babes but it’s a lesson to be learnt and if you find the right one , expertise to take advantage of!

On Saturday I was on Carnaby Street with no concealer, minimal sleep and a press event the next day. I have good skin so didn’t need full on industrial strength blemish attack just a bit of brightening TLC. In my opinion YSL Touch Eclat will always be the most magical pen on the market but I didn’t fancy splurging £22 or trekking up the road to Oxford Street Debenhams so I surveyed my options. MAC was full to the brim so the chances are I wouldn’t be able to get hold of an advisor and if I did may very well come away with another accidental lip stain experiment.  So I continued down the road past the Make-Up store to Benefit Boutique. Warm, pink and inviting- generally my favourite qualities in any establishment. There are plenty of assistants on hand but I wait to be approached.


The thing that made my experience a good one was that the girl who served me listened. Before slapping anything on my face she’d taken the time to work out exactly what I needed for my skin and was happy to try a couple of options meaning I got the best fit with Fake-Up. What made her good at what she did was that she was only willing to sell what my skin need and very honest about the products. Having heard good things about Big Easy one of their newer foundations she explained that it wouldn’t be right for the kind of coverage I like as it’s a tinted moisturizer with a matt finish and I am very much a liquid foundation girl. A lot of assistants would have just jumped to make a sale but she guided me back to my old favourite Hello Flawless. This was a real turning point for me as I’d been sold both You Rebel and You Rebel Light in the past because I liked the packaging and the assistant wanted to make a sale.benefit foundation



Thanks to Daisy’s (I hope that’s her name at least that’s what it said on my receipt) friendly service and awesome product knowledge I came away with a great face that lasted all the way into for evening for once and a set of products that I came home pleased with my investment. Thankfully not another ‘oh crap I spent £60 on lipstick and bronzer?! I didn’t even need lipstick or bronzer’! (we’ve all been there) instead a very pretty free dressing table mirror that folds flat to be handbag friendly (amazeballs)mirror 2 and the first correct colour match in a long time.


So ladies- fancy some time out to try some gorgeous make-up, not feel pressured to buy and know you’ll come away with the right products? Head along to Benefit and get wowed by a Benebabe!