London Film Festival 2015: Lady in the Van Premiere and Press Conference

She was meant to stay for three weeks…

The Lady in the Van, London Film Festival’s centre piece gala was a true spectical for the senses. Sight and sound yes, but how can you smell a film you say? Well when Allan Bennett refers to someone as ‘rank’ and that the descriptions of sh*t weren’t nearly as graphic as the encounters actually were – believe me you come out smelling the dysentery.

But what did the cast and crew have to say about this extraordinary adventure and with all the cameos is this another History Boys outing?

Well we were lucky enough to quiz those in the know both on the red carpet and in the press conference.

Press conference footage curtesy of ‘HeyUGuys’

Naturally I had the total Bridget moment of being handed a microphone that didn’t work  but still got our minute with Maggie…