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Review: The Bad Batch

Film | 12/09/2016

“Beyond this fence is no longer the territory of Texas. That hereafter no person within the territory beyond this fence is a resident of the United States of America or shall be acknowledged, recognized or governed by the laws and governing bodies therein. Good luck.” That’s the sign we are greeted with as a young …keep reading

Review: LA LA LAND

Film | 12/09/2016

La La Land is a film from the time movies forgot – the classic jazz and romanticism of technicolor in the hustle and bustle of modern LA. A challenge if ever there was, but one that director Damien Chazelle accomplishes without bordering on the Grease like cheese factor. As the opening scene commenced and brightly dressed …keep reading

Saving Face: Products That Saved My Mush And My Mop

Glamour Puss | 14/06/2016

I was always a bit of a lucky cow when it came to my skin, even as a teenager I never got spots but as you hit the mid twenties and into the dark shadows of 30 it becomes increasingly difficult to keep that dewy youthful glow you read about in magazines and begin to …keep reading

Review: The Nice Guys

Film | 02/06/2016

Taking us back to a time of disco, sex and scandal, ‘The Nice Guys’ is a refreshing twist on a genre time forgot. It’s been a while since a high quality comedy action flick graced our screens and for some time it’s seemed like the classic buddy cop genre was dead. But Shane Black and …keep reading

‘Can tears turn to gin?’ The 20 early stages of every break up…

Girl Talk | 04/05/2016

We’ve all been there, whether it was your decision or not the stages of the breakup, breakover or in between stage of doom can be both painful, comical and edging on borderline crazy for all…. * The Initial pin in the balloon It’s happened, it’s shit. It might have come from nowhere, it might have been …keep reading

Review : Brunch @ Home is where…. Cafe Birmingham

Munchin' N Brunchin' | 18/04/2016

Bangin’ Butties – Super Staff – Over Priced Alcohol So the first time I encountered this place on Church Street (despite passing it loads and never going in) was for a job interview, not always the premise for a return trip. However I simply couldn’t wait to get my chops round their all day breakfast …keep reading

Review: Brunch @Boston Tea Paty

Munchin' N Brunchin' | 18/04/2016

Sexy Muffins – Super Soft Drinks – Soggy Scrambled Eggs Despite the memories of my sticky floored occasionally  sick scented student union, I’ve learnt that long ques outside a big spacious place generally means good things in store! I’d read bits about Boston Tea Party so was keen to sample it for myself. There was …keep reading

Review: Brunch @ The Plough Harborne

Munchin' N Brunchin' | 18/04/2016

Filling – Fresh – Fabulous Service I should probably point out that I’ve never been a massive eater, more of a grazer but I like my food and if there’s one thing I like a LOT it’s a good brekkie or as the trendier adult term goes, ‘Brunch.’ Even as a young child the highlight …keep reading

Review:Batman Vs Superman Dawn of Justice

Film | 25/03/2016

Almost two years on from Man of Steel, Henry Cavill as the chiseled red caped crusader is back and despite those dreamy blue eyes, considered quite the terrorist by none other than Batman himself. Reinvented with extra ab factor and an axe to grind, the one thing this Batman / Superman combo has going for …keep reading

First Look at Suicide Squad – Official Trailer

Film, Uncategorized | 20/01/2016

The wait is finally over- after much anticipation Warner Bros have released the trailer for ‘Suicide’ squad and dam are those guys smokin’ bad! This hand picked all star line up of super villains are here to trade sides and if the initial footage is anything to go by aren’t we in for a treat! …keep reading