Review: Brunch @Boston Tea Paty

Sexy Muffins – Super Soft Drinks – Soggy Scrambled Eggs

Despite the memories of my sticky floored occasionally  sick scented student union, I’ve learnt that long ques outside a big spacious place generally means good things in store! I’d read bits about Boston Tea Party so was keen to sample it for myself.

There was quite a queue but we were ravenous and it was that awkward time on a Sunday where it’s almost lunch time cross over but you’ve only been up an hour or so and  it feels too early to be the only people in Prezzo.

So we waited, perused the menu and all looked good. I liked the option of brekkie classics with contemporary twists and the option to go gluten free or vegan to accommodate dietary requirements, awkward mates and hummus kids (Of which there were a lot, clearly go to spot for nappy valley families)

After a 15 minute wait for a table my mate legged it to the bar (no table service) to ensure optimum food arrival time.

By the time she got back she had the munches and arrived bearing ‘breakfast muffins’ and god they looked good, kind of like a mini quiche impregnated with a runny egg and crispy bacon.


Drinks wise I’d gone for the redberry iced tea and she the homemade lemonade. Due to the volume of customers they were out of jam jars so came served in a standard glass and I was so parched I slurped it in two gulps flat but it was pretty refreshing none the less.


Still thirsty, and in need of a pick me up I headed for the slightly harder stuff- a bucks fizz made with fresh oranges juice (4.95) and this was pretty delicious with a great mix of OJ and prosecco.

Food wise I was a little disappointed. I opted for the ‘West Country’ breakfast – bacon, sausage,  scrambled eggs, vine tomatoes, toast which at £7.50 was much more bargenous that the Ploughs £10.50 House Breakfast.

boston tea party

The bacon was delicious but sadly the sausage just didn’t feel quite right (a common problem for inquisitive women in their 20’s) and so I gave up after two bites. I’ve always been a fan of a tommy on the vine so those were okay but the the scrambled egg was incredibly soggy and had an odd rice pudding like aftertaste. Now this could have just been me, I’m a fussy muppet when it comes to eggs and when scrambled I like mine pretty much pan burning well done but never the less it made those indelible as they were just too runny. The beans also tasted ‘sweet’ would be interested to know the brand as it wasn’t heinz but again not a bad thing if that’s your bag I guess – i just don’t like my beans to taste ‘o pudding 😉

After this I left a bit on the hungry side, and after two bites of her tuna toasted melt my mate decided to wrap it up for later and hope for the best. Now I’m not saying I wouldn’t go again, I just probably made the wrong choice. Food perving on the table next to us, the bacon maple pancake stack was fit and smaller than the last one I had so I could have managed that. Looking round I spotted what should have been mine, like that awkward moment when you spot some legless chick snoggin your ideal rugged sex god in town- sourdough eggy bread with smoked bacon and avocado!  The sweetcorn hash with halluomi, avocado and tomato salsa also looked like another fit ass option so may get my chops round that if I go again.

In all I’d expect a better quality for a full english style dish but the other idea on offer looked far more their forte. Go for a laid back family vibe with plenty of choice- just avoid those scrambled eggs 😉

Boston Tea Paty, The School Yard,106 High Street, Harborne,B17 9NJ