Review : Brunch @ Home is where…. Cafe Birmingham

Bangin’ Butties – Super Staff – Over Priced Alcohol

So the first time I encountered this place on Church Street (despite passing it loads and never going in) was for a job interview, not always the premise for a return trip.

However I simply couldn’t wait to get my chops round their all day breakfast menu and it looked like a good option for a day time work station so had to pop back – for research purposed obvs 😉

The thing with Home  is that you really CAN feel at home, at least with a soundtrack with everything from 80’s classics heaven is a place on earth style to the dulcet tones of Nirvana I could…

And their menu is pretty banging- I mean not everyone fancies a breakfast sandwich at 4pm but if like me you’re the kinda soul who can munch on crispy bacon any time, day or night, you’ve found your haven!

I don’t drink everyday (anymore) but I am a fan of cafes that have the option of beer or wine on the menu if the mood takes you. However at £5.25 for a miniature bottled wine and plastic cup that goes for £2 quid up the road in tesco I’d rather pass – the food is where this place excels.

As a big tea drinker, I quite enjoy a decent pot while working in the corner and you can get a good three cups out of their serving.

I simply LOVE their smoked salmon, dill, creme fraiche and watercress bagel (£5) it’s fresh, simple and filling but without the bloated what have I done feeling to follow afterwards.

home cafe


The deal breaker here tho is the crispy bacon buttie available all day for £3 you just can’t go wrong. Yeh you might be able to get one for cheaper in a dirty caf’ in Digbeth but the lushness of having this at your beckoning call until close is something else!

home bacon butty

Did I mention the staff are also SUPER NICE?

I was in there last week working on my laptop, having a slightly bad day as the tears may have fell without my say so…after ordering a bacon based pick me up the waiter came over tapped me, said ‘mascara’ and left tissues on my table, that my friends is customer service and THEN some!

Go for good vibes, snazzy snacks and a fairly spacious work station with the added bonus of banging tunes.

Home Is Where….26 Church Street, Birmingham B3 2NP