Review: Brunch @ The Plough Harborne

Filling – Fresh – Fabulous Service

I should probably point out that I’ve never been a massive eater, more of a grazer but I like my food and if there’s one thing I like a LOT it’s a good brekkie or as the trendier adult term goes, ‘Brunch.’ Even as a young child the highlight of any decent week would be an early saturday morning trip to town that involved a greasy ‘Owen- Owen’ five item cooked breakfast and it’s a guilty pleasure that has stayed with me long past the Woolworths Pick N Mix phase. I like this ‘Brunch thing’ mainly because it incorporates some of my fave things, breakfast, lie ins and a socially acceptable time to drink daytime alcohol (schedule pending) 😉   And so having branched out slightly from my favourite spoons fry up (totally over did it with those microwaved sausages) I decided to munch my way through the best brunches in Birmingham… Or wherever the weekend takes me – First stop The Plough Harborne and it was so good I went back for a second helping!

I’d herd lots about the Plough, as a ‘go to’ spot at the weekend and it’s popularity shows with many reserved tables the moment you walk in but due to it’s size I’ve never struggled to get a table or experienced a long wait for their freshly cooked fodder.

The morning after a 4am get in from Snobs attempting to rekindle your youth can attack the taste buds in two very different ways and luckily for us this morning took us to the brunch craving route. It’s not the cheapest of menus, but the Plough boasts an extensive selection of brunchy delights served until 12:30 all weekend.

I pounced on the Strawberry & Redcurrent smoothie (3.95) which literally tasted like goodness in a glass- and in a GOOD way


Perusing the menu though highly attracted to the option of a full English (House Breakfast) and Lucky Charms on the side I gravitated to the short stack pancakes with crispy bacon, blueberries and maple syrup.  The gorgeous thing about this was that you normally get the option of blueberries or bacon , not together and when it arrived the stack was lightly dusted with icing sugar and had a very promising bacon to pancake ratio with slices of crispy streaky piglet sandwiched in between each circle of fluffy carb based heaven.


With four pancakes the portion size was too big for me but at £7.50 a decent option for a ravenous eater.

My equally hungover companion opted for the coconut and quinoa porridge with poached pear and honey (£5). Not my usual thing as I like a bit of savour in the mix but I had a mouthful which i found to be smooth, silky and satisfying 😉

The service was friendly, quick and none intrusive which makes a difference when your aloco salza sponsored morning could send you patience one of two ways.  The decor and vibe is very inviting and I felt I could spend more time there.

The Plough is the kind of place where you can wander round en route to the loo, take a peak at people’s plates and suffer from instant food envy!

I headed back a few weeks later and opted for the bacon butty – I felt £6 was a but fierce but was hungry and didn’t fancy Greggs so sucked it up.  When it came out quickly) the beast was HUGE and the only time i’ve ever been served a sarni with a carving nice to cut it. I swear they lobbed a whole packet of bacon in there squished between two delightful slabs of bread and butter. This ended up feeding two of us nicely but then again we are wusses….

So yes, visit the Plough and soak up a delicious menu of full flavour and leave stuffed!

I’ve got my eyes on that House Breakfast for next time 😉

The Plough, 21 High St, Birmingham B17 9NT