Review: Buffalo and Rye

Move over bull, there’s a Buffalo in town!

The latest sister in the Bitters N Twisted chain has landed – we were lucky enough to give it a sniff and  have one of the first bites into it’s decadent delights.

BBQ smoke houses with an American twist have been big in London for a while and I was tucking into pulled pork in Bodeans long before the proverbial pulled pig became available on every pub menu from Tipton to Timbuctoo.  So what was Birmingham’s latest hipster joint going to do for me?

Well first things first, Buffalo and Rye is cool but laid back cool and it doesn’t take itself too seriously. The menu is varied enough to get the saliva going over what to pick but still small enough to give it a bit of independent style chic.

Anyone who has had the misfortune of dining with me knows that unless I’ve had three wines and a vodka my eyes are always bigger than my mouth and I tend to throw down a few mouthfuls before getting full and suffering from a food baby so I gave my stomach a 12 hour stake out in an attempt to graze and nibble on as many of Buffalo’s bad boys on offer. I’m happy to say the result was a pleasing one.

We sampled a variety of dishes from brunch to lunch to pudding alongside some of the venues signature cocktails (let’s just say they don’t scrimp on the booze ladies and gents!) and I certainly found some new favourites.

First up were the chicken wings – nicely presented with a bit of greenery to stop you from feeling bad about your life (I took a token carrot and dipped it in cheese sauce for good measure) – Credit here they weren’t nearly as greasy as wings I had in the past and though spicy not about to cause an IBS attack (every cloud)


Then came the snoop doggy dogs – two of the restaurant’s hot dogs were on offer, both beef frankfurter , one classic with red onion jam (interesting choice) the other with Emmental cheese- nom nom! For someone who can’t really hack bread the carb element was a bit too much for me but the doughy brioche buns would be just the ticket for any discerning wheat eater.


Burger wise we had a good go at the Buffalo Black- double beef patty with cheese and black pudding, never a burger I would usually order but mega tasty and felt almost like a posh take on a maccys double cheese burger with added yum factor. Still not sure if I’d order one for myself but tasty none the less.


Other hits included the epic chilli cheese fries- your standard dirty chip style melt fest which is pretty fashionable at the moment, quite a giant portion though so you can definitely share three ways with this side.


Bacon and maple pancakes – good recommendation for a mediocre hangover, the kind where you can still face food but struggle to function and the banana and salted caramel pancakes- not a huge hit with me as I don’t have a sweet tooth but looked like the kind of plate some of my mates would happily face plant.


Last but not least (and I hate to say it)- what can only be described as the best salad in Brum. I’m pretty sure Buffalo and Rye aren’t going for the slogan – salad kings of the midlands But this Kale, goats cheese and butternut squash honey dressed lush bowl was literally the best thing I’ve smacked my lips on in a while (deffs beats that dodgy bloke I pulled up Sedgley) add a bit of crispy bacon chaps and it will be a real boster!


I’m not a massive cocktail drinker – mainly because they are expensive and wine iz cheepz but the ones we sampled were certainly good value for money as you could TASTE THE ALCOHOL.  The mountain dew Collins on arrival went down a treat and the Mint Julep put hairs on my chest.


In all it was a pleasant experience and one I’d like to return to with family and friends to see what they make of Birmingham’s latest independent hot spot.

Room for improvement? Well the menu was varied enough for me but my veggie pals may struggle somewhat outside of the salads/ Shroom and halloumi Burger- but if you’re a meat eater with a ‘license to fill’ you will not be disappointed

Buffalo and Rye lands with its soft launch Monday 16th with discounted rates while they find their feet- booking advised where possible and greater chance of availability towards the end of the week.