First off, let me tell you a secret – I did not see the original. Yes, yes… I am that horribly irritating person who asks ‘so… quick one… who’s he and what’s he done?’ DURING the movie – I’m sorry!

Apparently it’s a cult classic. Who knew, right? (Everyone did) Now that minor confession is out the way… here goes.

This is what I thought about John Wick: Chapter Two.

Holy shit there are a lot of gun shots. And dead people. And gun shots into probably already dead people. At times I felt I was watching some YouTube ad for the new *insert Call Of Duty-esque game that you know here*

To be fair, I was sat next to the speaker.

Every gunshot forced its way down my shoulder, through my finger tips, and directly into my merlot. Body count of the entire film? Unsure. Just hope they re-used a couple of the dead guys in another scene and the Hollywood job centre for extras was ready for the overtime!

There are some beautiful choreographed injuries though. I physically winced at two… it’s almost worth it for those alone! The plot is quite predictable, but that’s not a criticism. You obviously go to see good old Wick for the action. And boy does it deliver that. There are some laugh out loud moments, quite a few actually – more than I was expecting anyway.

Love the cameo roll call throughout too. Particularly good for Matrix fans (yes, I’ve seen that one). And Lovejoy fans (anyone? Just me? Oh…)

Other thoughts:   The dog is cute, the Keanu is cute, Keanu Reeves plays himself, Keanu Reeves is sexy.

That’s your lot! A solid 7/10 from me

I might even watch the first one now, and the third when it shoots its way onto the big screen!

By Duncan Mclauchlan

Directed by Chad Stahelski
Starring Keanu Reeves, Common, Riccardo Scamarcio, Laurence Fishburne, Ruby Rose, Bridget Moynahan, Lance Reddick, Franco Nero, John Leguizamo, and Ian McShane
In UK Cinemas February 17th, 2017 with previews on Valentine’s Day