Tequillllaaaaa – Jose Cuervo Tequila Master Classes


For many of us, the images conjured up by tequila are those bar side shots you swore you definitely weren’t going to do tonight or the aftermath of lime scented guilt and chunder the next day. But apparently that’s not what it’s about… to teach us that Tequila was never meant to be shot, only sipped and educate us on it’s classier qualities – Skylounge have launched Jose Cuervo Tequila Master Classes at Cuervo’s Cantina.  The pop up opened in June and the tequila masters have been providing lessons in how to make the perfect Margarita all summer. Last night we were invited to pop along and see what all the fuss was about!

Jose Cuervo, the oldest and best selling tequila brand in the world have set up home in Cuervos Cantina- Skylounge’s latest pop up bar with a taste of Mexico to bring tequila tasters back to civilization. Skylounge located on the roof tops of the Double Tree Hilton (swanky) boasting Apprentice style views of the city was my first challenge. I managed to get stuck in the revolving doors much to the amusement of an incredibly attractive gent sat in the lobby watching the whole scenario unfold- smooth… Anyway once on the delights of floor 12, we were greeted with frozen margaritas, a little bit like an alcoholic slush puppy, dangerous yet enjoyable. The pop up bar has a classic rustic Mexican theme more upmarket Wahacca, less of the Chiquitos.


For the first part of the master class we were lead from our new found surroundings to a board room looking out onto the skyline for a talk on Tequila, it’s myths and origins. I have to say that I’d prefer to leave my days of being sat down with a powerpoint at university lectures or grad scheme assessment days as the surroundings certainly gave it this feel but the talk was informative , not too long and they brought out more frozen tequila so everyone’s a winner…

The tasting session itself was very fun and sociable, sat out on the roof terrace with four different tequilas to work through and make tasting notes – for a wine drinker who would never take anything neat it was certainly an enlightening experience. Our authentic hostess born in Guadalajara, Mexico was a good ambassador for the brand and if it wasn’t for the fact that it’s pretty chilly up there (bring a blanket) it felt practically like we were being educated in sunny South America (or maybe that was the tequila talking , either way it felt authentic)

The masterclass is certainly something different for a mid week activity and beats the melodrama of the post work pint with out the pretentiousnesssnacks that can be associated with things like wine tasting. The class costs £16 and aside from the educational enlightentequilament  for your dollar you get two cocktails, some Mexican bar bites to soak it up, four authentic tequilas to sample and a goody bag to take home to make your own Margarita. For the hardcore there is also a 50% off voucher for your next round of drinks at Skylounge bar. You’re lucky to get a Margarita for £8 in London so it’s definitely value for money.

My verdict? I’m still not sure I’d go into a bar and order a tequila on the rocks but it was certainly an enjoyable change from Chardonnay.

Unfortunately this is  the last of the Cuervos Cantina workshops but  with London Cocktail week just around the corner ( get the shakers and umbrellas at the ready) Jose Cuervo have a new pop up for us to saver at Hoxton Hotel for the duration of Cocktail Week(6th-12th October) serving up another masterclass to enjoy! Tickets to the Cuervos Hacienda masterclass(Thursday 9th October) only cost £10 but still include tastings, two cocktails and a margarita kit to take away so even better value!

For tickets to the Introduction to Tequila Master Class: https://billetto.co.uk/the-margarita-masterclass


October 9th6-7pm